Smart Open Banking Platform
Seamlessly connecting with banks and service providers to create new financial experiences for everyone.

The simple and easy way to
connect bank accounts



Direct Bank Payments

Breaking down barriers to simplify payments and creating exceptional experiences

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Unlock the potential of open banking

Simple way to connect to any consumer or business bank accounts

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Verify real-time account balances

Validate consumers’ income and employer information more accurately, eliminating manual pay stub uploads

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Connects to Top UK banks

Reflow platform creates easy and accessible experiences for their users. Universal API platform to connect to banks. reflow creates smart, reliable and thinking platform that's revolutionizing banking for the better.

Breaking down barriers to simplify payments by creating exceptional experiences. Builds on existing trust by using online banking channels. Improves customer relationship with banks by reinforcing their brand values.

Simple, beautiful
user experience

Simple user flow - Once a user has gone through the flow, we do the work and return a range of relevant bank account data which is easily customizable to your business need.

Let's make banking flow

We believe in changing banking and payments for the better that isn’t something best done alone. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for, and work with, excellent partners to make new banking flows. Do you have expertise we should know about? Should we buddy up? Get in touch and let’s get our thinking caps on.

For developers,
easy to build and integrate

With just a few lines of code, you can integrate with reflow within few hours.

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Our commitment to you

We believe in empowering everyone to simplify their banking experience which enables them to live a healthy financial life. Imagine yourself in an open banking environment without the fear of privacy. We respect your privacy and our team is committed to provide you with a secure environment to work on.

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